MAG Steering Committee

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Annual Responsibilities of Steering Committee Members:

  • Attend 3 of 4 quarterly meetings
  • Represent MAG at 1 community event (interactive exhibit, plant sale, NABA count,  butterfly festival, St. Marks tagging, etc.)
  • Make at least 1 presentation for MAG (to Garden Club, Master Gardeners, etc. or at Outdoor Learning Symposium, EEA Conference, etc.)
  • Actively work on a MAG project (Pollinator Habitat Certification, Mexico Book Project, Newsletter, Website, Merchandise/Plant Sales, Public Relations)
  • Report MAG activities for quarterly report to the EEA Board
  • Facilitators are also required to teach at least 1 teacher workshop per year.
  • All members must attend a MAG educator workshop within a year of joining the committee.


Our Current Steering Committee Members

Mary Beth Cary (Awards), Sylvester, GA

Bhooma Madhavan (Newsletter), Atlanta, GA

Jennifer McCoy (Facilitator, Mentor Program), Cobb County Watershed Stewardship Program, Marietta, GA

Jennifer McLaurin (Facilitator, Plant Sales), Fulton County Public Works, Atlanta, GA

Sharon McCullough (Facilitator, Co-Chair), Madison, GA

Susan Meyers (Facilitator, Grant Administrator, PLU Coordinator, Co-Chair), Monarchs Milkweed & More, Lilburn, GA

Trecia Neal (Facilitator, Pollinator Habitat Certification), Green Gardens Education and Designs, Stockbridge, GA

Cindy Reittinger (Mexico Book Project), Fernbank Science Center, Atlanta

dr.deb rosenstein (Facilitator) Mercer University, Tift College of Education, Atlanta, GA

Amy Whitney (Facilitator, Public Relations), Small Garden News, Kennesaw GA